Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

Let us pause for a moment and reflect on the sad loss of the strawberry patch. Yes, strawberries have passed out of season for yet another year, at least in Georgia. While I certainly tried to make myself sick of them by eating a year's supply in two short months, I know that I will inevitably be craving sweet red strawberry goodness again by January, if not sooner.

And now celebrate the arrival of blueberries! Blueberry season this year promises to be particularly spectacular, partly because last year's season was nonexistent (the 2007 Easter frost killed all the berry buds for that year, which caused the bushes to put double the energy into this year's crop), partly because I am strategically situated appriximately 2 miles from a 3 acre organic blueberry farm. And I just managed to score the position of "pick-your-own" queen.

I love my life.

So, when not farming, blogging, or cooking, I will be running the pick-your-own stand where anyone (cough, cough, that includes you, readers!) can come gather buckets of gloriously juicy blueberries. Just think: fresh blueberries, cheaper, fresher, and infinitely more local than Whole Foods. What's not to love?

The details:
The patch we are managing is located at 12000 Hutcheson Ferry Road in Palmetto, GA.
Picking hours are Saturday afternoons from 1-5. Show up, bring a picnic lunch or dinner, pick blueberries by the pound (Pricing is $2.50 per pound, unless you pick more than 5 pounds, in which case it becomes $2 per pound. Please bring a container to take them home in--we'll provide harvest buckets, but a take home container will cost $1 extra), and enjoy one of the best parts of summer. For questions or to check on the status of the patch, email me at mk@serenbe.com. The inaugural pick-off will take place this Saturday, June 21st.

I may have failed at really making myself sick of strawberries, but I have no intention of duplicating that mistake with the blueberries...

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Anonymous said...

OOOOOH that stand sounds soooo good!!! I ate blueberries with fresh cream last night, and I am so addicted to them. GIMME MORE!!!