Thursday, May 14, 2009

Transplant Tetris

The weather gods saw fit to bless us a drizzly, windy afternoon and a stormy night. While a season farming in Georgia has given me a healthy appreciation for precipitation, it has stretched our greenhouse to capacity. With tonight's high winds, we can't leave out the hardier stuff, as we normally would, hardening them off in preparation for transplanting. At the same time, our seeding schedule necessitated that we keep adding new flats to the greenhouse, and our tomato seedlings were begging to be "potted on" to larger containers. So, we played a little transplant tetris, to see how we could fit the absolute maximum amount of plant matter into the smallest possible area. Here's a picture of the interior of our greenhouse:
Thankfully, the forecast is for a lovely day tomorrow, perfect for transplanting.

And here's where we're stashing the remainder of our young charges, just outside of the greenhouse in a storage shelter. Would someone please hand me one of those wooden trays in the corner?

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