Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our New Address

Our website it operational! Sure, there are details that need updating, but you can navigate from page to page and even see a few pictures. From now on, you can get your dose of farm new at openbookfarm.wordpress.com. We have a new blog there as well, hosted by Wordpress, which includes fancy new features like subscription (never miss another one of my too infrequent posts!) Despite our Luddite tendencies, we have also have bowed to the forces of modernity and also created a Facebook page for the farm. We'll keep it stocked with pictures of our progress, as well as pithy wall posts. Please "like" us!

And if you're in the neighborhood, visit us. Our farm is, after all, an Open Book.


Julia said...

Can't wait to check the new blog :D

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Aldus Logan said...

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