Friday, May 30, 2008


I've heard that some people decide where to move based on the quality of the public schools, job prospects, the prevalence of microbreweries, or other minutia of life. As for me, I find myself daydreaming about future residences in terms of the their soil, growing season, and occasionally the cost of land. Seeing as I have no money to speak of, however, I really don't pay much attention to the last one. Long live guerrilla gardening, y'all. I have been vastly assisted in my fantasizing by a new posting on Epicurious which allows you to get a sense of what is in season in any month in any state. Admittedly, the variation within a state the size of Georgia means that you've got no guarantees that your local farmer's market will carry what Epicurious advertises, but I can dream.

As the Southern summer sets in, the Pacific Northwest is looking mighty nice...

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